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Monday Mayhem

on September 20, 2012

     Have you ever woken up & just knew that day was going to be a bummer before you even got out of bed??  That’s how I felt this past Monday.  I just woke up in a bad mood & couldn’t even understand why.  My first inkling that my mood wasn’t about to change for the better came when I opened my dryer & was greeted with this:

     There is waaay more to this picture then what you see.  Such as….see that splattered pen?  That is one of my favorite pens as it’s the old school type that let’s you choose which color ink you’d like to write with.  The culprit of this mess was asked on numerous times to please give me back my pen.  Sooo not only did he keep forgetting to give me my pen back,  it was left in his pocket where it not only destroyed itself & his pants but THE REST the clothes it was washed with!! 

     Now as the mom of 4 boys this wasn’t my first “I can’t believe what went through my dryer”.  I have dealt with crayon (take a hot iron, place a paper towel over the melted crayon & it should come off the fabric & adhere to the towel).  Gum?  Freeze whatever it’s stuck to & scrap off with a plastic knife.  Thanks to google, all it took was rubbing alcohol (or nail polish remover).   While I sat & started scrubbing my load of clothes with alcohol, my other son came in & informed me our toilet was gurgling!  (By the ultimate grace of God the ink culprit was at school giving me PLENTY of time to pray for peace before he got home:)  Sooo I set my clothes down & got to deal with this:     Lovely isn’t it?  My catch word that day was, “Seriously?” Yep, our toilet was overflowing.  That meant NO water can be run in the house as it will immediately come up through said toilet.  Of course, remember from my paragraph above I was also in the middle of A LOT of laundry too 😦 

     I called Jeff who called a plumber to come out, which they did 2 hours later!  To top it off, when the plumber asked where our outdoor clearing pipe was I told him for whatever reason our house didn’t have one.  He then told me that his company will not unclog a clog unless it’s through an outdoor pipe.  Seriously?!  Our house is only 18 years old so the fact that it doesn’t have one of these is INSANE!!  The plumber left….well, actually he gave me a $2600.00 estimate to have a clearing pipe put in so that in the future he could fix my clog.  The crazy part?  We HAVE had other plumbers out before & all you do is remove the toilet & run the snake through the hole.  Of course this guy was having none of that! I about put my size 9 shoe on the back off his hiney as I slammed the door shut behind him.  

     I ended up calling 2 more plumbers, while Jeff called another one too.  Neither of us could get another plumber to come out that day.  I then sat down & prayed.  I prayed that God would just help me to continue to stay sane & not give in to the bubbling anger I felt rising up.  I asked God to find favor in me for remaining calm.  I also asked God to please please please fix my toilet.

     After an hour of scrubbing all the ink off the clothes I had to re-wash them.  Ugh!  I figured I would sit in the bathroom & when the washer rinsed I would dump the water out of the toilet & into the bucket.  (All day long I had been plunging the heck out of the toilet & flushing to no avail, hence I was already used to filling up & dumping the bucket)  Sooo I ran the clothes & waited.  NOTHING happened, the entire cycle ran & my toilet did not overflow!!  I started flushing EVERY toilet in the house & it didn’t overflow.  I then said another prayer & flushed THE toilet…..IT DIDN’T OVERFLOW!!  I called Jeff ECSTATIC & told him God had fixed our toilet!  The BEST blessing of all??  We saved at least  $200.00 as a result of the plumber leaving & not fixing it!  I was sooo mad when he left, but look how it turned out. 

     I truly believe that God blessed me for remaining calm & not giving in to my anger & frustration.   My verse I kept clinging to was: Galatians 6:9 And let us not  grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give  up. Although I WAS growing weary from remaining calm, I knew I couldn’t give in to sinful behavior.  As a result of my trial, I have honestly learned that I TRULY cannot control somethings so why get all bent out of shape?  It’s much easier to except what we can’t change then freak out & try to change it & fail.  My day ended with clothes that were ink stain free & a toilet that normally would’ve cost $200.00 to fix, working again for free.  Monday may have started out with mayhem, but it ended with blessings. I am thanking God for those blessings as I’m continuing on to Canaan.

10 responses to “Monday Mayhem

  1. Stephanie says:

    I have tears running down my face after reading this. My week has been a challenge and this was so encouraging to me! Thank you for sharing this!!

    • Kim B. says:

      Hey Steph! Boy, do I think of you often 🙂 I’m glad I could encourage you!Somedays it just feels easier to give in thenfight on.We’re all in this war of the worlds together! Praying for you!


  2. Oh, Kim… As I read, I kept sucking in breath, trying to keep it together for you. I’ve been there, too. Thank you for the example of pausing and praying. I appreciate the fact you did not let your emotions get the best of you, causing your to act out in a way you’d regret later. Who can regret pausing and praying, right?

    • Kim B. says:

      Hi Stefanie! Pause & pray….I like that little saying 🙂 Gives me something nicer to repeat then…I’m going to strangle him, I’m going to strrangle him! Ha ha! Here’s to more days of pausing & praying with no regrets 🙂 LOVE it!!


  3. Jacqui says:

    Hey Kim, thanks for being real! I totally relate to this right now (I think I say that every time:) ). There is a situation in my life where I feel like God is doing this exact thing…teaching me to keep my mouth shut, pray, and trust Him. And since it’s been going on for awhile now, I have been seeing God use my obedience for blessing (even though my obedience doesn’t usually come quietly and joyfully). Anyway, I know God will continue to be faithful, but it’s funny how much my emotions fight, kick, and scream. Sometimes it is just so hard to trust and obey. But it is so, so worth it in the end. Love your heart so much Kim!

    • Kim B. says:

      Hey Jacqui! It’s hard being quiet huh?! I’ll be praying for you in your situation & that you’ll continue to obediently be still & quiet while you trust God in what He’s doing. It IS so hard to resist our emotions, especially when Satan knows EXACTLY what to whisper in our ears to ignite them even more. Here’s to ignoring Satan’s voice & remaining quietwhile listening for God’s 🙂 Hugs sweet friend!!


  4. Hi Kim,

    I just dropped by to make your day a bit brighter! This is Jonna from Get Off Your Butt and BAKE. You are the lucky winner of the fabulous new Blendtec Blender! I will send an email your way with the information you need to email me.


    Get Off Your Butt and BAKE!

    • Kim B. says:

      Hi Jonna! WoW WoW Wow!!! You have NO IDEA how THRILLED I am to have won!! Our blender is TERRIBLE & I’ve been having to use pliers to try & fix the blades :( My friend has the Vita-Mix & has been raving about it & I’ve researched the Blendtec & hear it’s even better then the Vita-Mix! I went from Monday Mayhem last week, to Monday MAGNIFICENT this week! LOVE your blog by the way! Thanks again!


  5. cherieinhim says:

    Oh MY sister, I can TOTALLY relate!!! It was one day last week when I said, ” I KNEW I SHOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF BED!” And I was RIGHT! Yet, if our faith stretching circumstances never happened, we’d never get to see God’s miracles. Working on a new book right now. And this reminds me of the content I’m working on . . . if we were never “thirsty” . . . we’d never know our need for living water!
    LOVE and BIG hugs to you!!!!

    • Kim B. says:

      Hello dear sister!! You have been on my mind!! LOVED THIS: if our faith stretching circumstances never happened, we’d never get to see God’s miracles. WoW! Soooo hit home for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your name pop up as I know I’m going to be BLESSED by your words of wisdom!! LOVE hearing God speak through you :) Looking forward to reading your new book!! Sending love AND prayers your way 😉


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